• Christmas meal

    Sorry for the transaltion, my son is not yet bilingual!!


    I have search for ages, I have bought and read a lot of books and magazines, I have jot down… and … finally… I come back to the tradition, it’s a safe bet: a full French Christmas meal with a stuffed capon, “foie gras” toast, fig marmalade, spice cake, pink salmon on “blinis”, Chantilly cream with bot chive… and, to finish the 13 desserts!

    A long time ago, I remember, mum and me cooked this famous recipe of “Dinde farcie de  brouillade”. This year, I break with  the tradition and prefere the capon.

    An original and yummy stuffing. Stop talking; I reveal it to you right now:

    -          Put 3.6 oz. of bread in 8.5 fl oz. of milk.

    -          Chop chicken liver (and the heart ) up with a knife.

    -          Cut off 5.4 oz of “Jambon de bayonne” (a thick slice) in dice.

    -          Chop a little bunch of parsley, 4 shallots.

    -          In a frying pan, melt the butter, color the minced meat,, salmon dice, parsley, and shallot.

    -          Baste with cognac and singe (be carefull to your eyebrow, it would be a shame for thanksgiving).

    -          Whisk 4 eggs in omelette( we need beaten eggs and pour it in the pan.

    -          Stirred and coat the whole with beaten eggs and stop the baking.

    -          Wring the bread (with yours pretties clean hands)

    -          Transform in pieces 9 oz. of chestnuts.

    -          Add the bread and the chestnuts on the pan. Salt, pepper, and add a last beaten egg.

    -          Stuff the fowl, and sew(use a sewing needle with culinary string).

    -          Bake the whole : 2h30 for 6.6lbs.


    Deglaze with 5.0 fl oz. of white wine.

    Of course I add at the end of the baking, the chestnuts.

    This year I will probably serve the whole with pear cut in two cook on the pan with butter and cinnamon.

    I must prepare little verrines for my daughter, vegetarian.

    I reveal it tomorrow.

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